AntHill is a metaphor for the world of structure and complexity that exists just beneath the surface of everything around us. This often invisible or black-boxed infrastructure consists of the technological and social protocols that shape the way we cooperate, coordinate and communicate with each other.

Anthill Hacks is a two-week unconference located in Karnataka’s Devarayanadurga foothills, known locally as the Fort of God, where we provide a space away from the usual bustle of life for people from all domains to live and build together for two-weeks. At Anthill Hacks we learn, take apart and create; sitting together overlooking the region’s mountains, forests farms and lakes while weaving together the technological, social and ecological fabric around us.

We bring together urban and rural dwellers, the young and old, women and non-binary communities, and those with lived and practiced experience. Anthill Hacks is where we intentionally create the space for meaningful connections to form, enabling us to better build across the many different ecosystems we inhabit in order to create technologies (in the most expansive definition of the word) for people.

Over the last few years, we’ve iterated, experimented, and have consistently found these 2 weeks to inspire new friendships and collaborations. Many of which have given birth to eye-opening productions, tools and curations of both existing and new narratives.

As we prepare for this year’s Anthill Hacks we are currently looking for sponsorship in the following areas:

Travel & Lodging Support
In the past we have sponsored individuals and families from all over the world to attend Anthill Hacks, especially those who otherwise would not be able to attend. This support applies to those travelling internationally, nationally and locally to come to Anthill Hacks.
Media & A/V Support

We’re looking for support to record events, talks and workshops over the course of the two weeks. If you’re able to help with this for a few days or the entire period, please reach out! It would be helpful if you have your own equipment, but not necessary.

Infrastructure Support

We use a track format to mix discussions while also being able to hone in on key areas of interest. We are currently looking for sponsorship to cover associated costs such as physical infrastructure and equipment.


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