Get set for the 8th installment of Anthillhacks! Finish off your year camping, cooking and hacking together at Devarayanadurga.

Anthillhacks has always been a collaborative space where anyone is welcome to propose a session.

Tentative track ideas and tasks

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last year agenda, will be updated:

Everyday adhoc activities

  • cookout in the villages and at the community kitchen
  • Keeping storytelling traditions alive with stories everyday

Dec 1st and 2nd week

  • team build networking and cowlanding (tuning up the home page for the COWMesh services)
  • 0penstudi0 and AC3 at Thimmanayakanahalli village.

Dec 9-10

  • bamboo tower building
  • media center kickoff

Dec 16

  • demonstration and dweb context discussions
  • Thalli, iruway activities, other CN content and services; DIYCOWKit and CoP activities
  • music session

Dec 17

  • commemorating Sarvana (Agnii Art for All)
  • music and puppets
  • crafts setup

Dec 19

  • gastronomy - pizza, kambucha and amla pickles

Dec 20

  • gender sessions

Dec 21

  • pgsoc hackthon

Dec 22

  • IITB NLP and social media systems (Web Science)

Dec 23

  • LokaLR and demo setup

Dec 24

  • Anthillhacks 22-23 wind down. Space for feedback and planning for future events

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