**Make your own learning track - this program will have fewer session conflicts

*(tentative program)

Day 1 - Saturday

Devarayanadurga: the location - Dinesh and friends

Librerouter: the why - Nico

Solar powered mesh nodes 1 - Girish

Gender Days planning: Cynthia and Ivana

Designing Organic Badges: Siddavva. Madhu and team

Antennas - Avishek

Pitching tents and creating spaces: Sanketh, Girish, Davalappa and all

Fire side: ice breakers

Day 2 - Sunday

Opening the closing spaces: performance - Priya

Follow the sheep - traces: Shalini and Dipti

Workshop of visual storytelling using Maaya - Bhanu

Make your badge: craft workshop - Siddavva

Apps for Work: Oppression and Opportunity - Pradyumna

(i) walk thorough the challenges faced during the set-up of research culture, and (ii) also my journey from government schools in small villages to IITs. - Uma

Blockchain and bitcoin - Emery

Day 3 - Monday

Day 3 - Monday

Mobile radio van: a tour of the hills - Girish

Making of Pi radio: workshop - Sanketh

Archives - films of the past as future: David

Opening of the closing spaces: tech interventions - Shalini

Day 4 - Tuesday

Whatsapp Misinformation: Affordances, Platforms and Infrastructures - Ram Bhat

Bidar and orality - Shreyas and Vinay

Community Networks - Nico

Talk the Walk: a forest trek - Sheshadri

Day 5 - Wednesday

Gendered Usage of Whatsapp - Ram Bhat

Gender and Tech - Cynthia

Gender and Inclusion - Shilpa

Organic Colors. Making and playing: Harshita

Organic Food. Making and Playing: Shailendra

Walk the Talk. Biodiversity review - Sheshadri and team

Day 6 - Thursday (CNx day 1)

Forests. Our Archives - Ranjani

Forests. Our security - Sheshadri

CNx session at iruWay (parallel)

Evening with the moon (at iruway)



Opening the closing. A deep vertical: Shilpa

Shunya Nada

Moon Rituals

Day 7 - Friday (CNx day 2)

CNx sessions

Test iruWay connectivity and the built up mesh

Radio, Crafts and Storytelling

Computational Narratives - Srinath and team

Day 8 - Saturday (CNx day 3)

CNx sessions moves to Protovillage for the weekend

Devarayandurga mesh: a radio introduction to visitors

Youth camp. Leadership and Vulnerabilities - Signa

AnthillHacks sessions more at nearby iruWay

Day 9 - Sunday

Devarayandurga mesh: a radio introduction to visitors

Visual Mapping of the activities: workshop - Design team

Youth camp. Trek, Butoh performance.

Day 10 - Monday

Open to Local School Students day 1

Session with District administration and departments

Day 11 - Tuesday

Open to Local School Students day 2

Computational Narratology: Workshop Proposal for AnthillHacks - Srinath & students, IIIT Bangalore

Session with Village Panchayats

Day 12 - Wednesday

Open to Colleges and maker spaces

Session with faculty on contextualisation

Day 13 - Thurday

Open day - review and storytelling

Day 14 - Friday

Wind down

tear down and cleanup